Meet Our 2021-22 Officer Board

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Kacey Simmons


Kacey is a Senior Philosophy Major from Frisco, Texas.  In her fourth year as part of the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team, she deeply loves the organization and the people in it, and always looks for ways to help serve!  Born in Louisiana, she actually has a thick Cajun accent, but you’ll only hear it when she is tired or talks with family.  Kacey loves finding new and creative ways to do her makeup, watching British TV shows, and is a secret musical theater nerd!  She looks forward to attending law school, and hopes to become a supreme court justice just like her idol, Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Anna Gamboa

Vice President

Anna is a Junior Political Science and Applied Mathematics Major from Katy, Texas.  Serving as this year’s Vice President, Anna wanted to give back to the team and contribute to it the way it had contributed to her life. She enjoys petting dogs, hanging out with friends, and as anyone in the organization can attest to, has an unhealthy obsession with John Mayer.  Anna’s favorite Mock Trial memory was getting to travel to Philadelphia, PA and spending time with the team there.  After she graduates, Anna looks to attend law school and later work for the Southern District of New York!


Priya Jain


Priya is a Junior Economics and Psychology Major from Plano, Texas. This will be her third year on the Texas A&M Mock Trial team, and her goals as an officer include helping develop the skills of each member and fostering team unity. Priya's hobbies include reading, watching movies, playing volleyball, and spending time with her friends. After graduation, Priya wants to attend law school, but she is unsure of what type of law she wants to pursue a career in. However, if Priya had an endless supply of money, she would drop everything and just travel the world forever.

Hope Pattison


Hope is a Senior Biomedical Sciences Major and Communications Minor from Austin, Texas. Entering her second year on the team, Hope is thankful for the opportunity to lead the team during her last year at Texas A&M. Aside from her studies, Hope is a third-generation Aggie who enjoys yoga, playing card games with friends and family, and being involved in her sorority. She plans to attend law school after graduation and wishes to eventually fulfill her dream of living in a beachside home!


Carson Dombrowa

Public Affairs

Carson is a Junior Political Science Major from Pasadena, Texas. This is her second year on the Texas A&M Mock Trial team, where she wishes to spend her time teaching those new to the activity (like herself) and encouraging the personal growth of those in the organization. In her free time, she loves to travel, shop at Target, and spend quality time with family and friends. This past season, Carson won an outstanding witness award at Regionals. After graduation, Carson wants to attend law school, though she is also unsure of what type of law she wants to pursue a career in.