Meet Our 2020-21 Officer Board

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Kacey Simmons

President of Texas A&M Mock Trial

Kacey is a Junior Philosophy Major from Frisco, Texas.  In her third year as part of the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team, she deeply loves the organization and the people in it, and always looks for ways to help serve!  Born in Louisiana, she actually has a thick Cajun accent, but you’ll only hear it when she is tired or talks with family.  Kacey loves finding new and creative ways to do her makeup, watching British TV shows, and is a secret musical theater nerd!  She looks forward to attending law school, and hopes to become a supreme court justice just like her idol, Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Nathan Varnell

Vice President

Nathan is a Sophomore Political Science Major from McKinney, Texas.  After working with everybody in Mock Trial last year, he decided that he wanted to help our organization grow to be the most connected, effective, and supportive it could be by running as an officer.  In his free time, Nathan enjoys reading, cooking, playing tabletop games, and listening to podcasts.  He hasn’t told many people, but he is actually a pilot and has previously built an airplane! Nathan hopes to attend graduate school for either law or public policy, and eventually working as a legislator or professor!

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Anna Gamboa


Anna is a Sophomore Political Science and Applied Mathematics Major from Katy, Texas.  Serving as this year’s treasurer, Anna wanted to give back to the team and contribute to it the way it had contributed to her life. She enjoys petting dogs, hanging out with friends, and as anyone in the organization can attest to, has an unhealthy obsession with John Mayer.  Anna’s favorite Mock Trial memory was getting to travel to Philadelphia, PA and spending time with the team there.  After she graduates, Anna looks to attend law school and later work for the Southern District of New York!

Haleigh Huggins


Haleigh is a Sophomore Political Science Major from The Woodlands, Texas.  In her spare time, she loves to watch movies, theater, and even dabbles in embroidery!  When she was younger, she even lived in Ecuador!  Her favorite Mock Trial memory was getting to know everyone on the team by participating in our annual retreat to lake LBJ!  Haleigh wants to attend law school, but would be content with retiring immediately with money and doing nothing.


David Lawless

Public and Student Affairs

David is a Senior Mechanical Engineering major from Austin, Texas.  This is his fourth year in Mock Trial, where he wishes to spend his time teaching those new to the activity and encouraging personal growth of those in the organization.  When he gets free time (which is never because he is an engineer), he loves to participate in outdoor activities and grow his career skills. He has been to 34 countries, won a national medal in Taekwondo, and previously worked at NASA.  After graduation, David wants to attend law school and work in intellectual property law as a patent attorney!


Kacey Simmons, President: (360)-780-2123

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