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Help Support Us!

Thanks to the generosity of our 2022-2023 sponsors, we had a jam-packed season where we were able to send all three of our teams, over 25 members, to compete across Texas at multiple collegiate tournaments. This includes those hosted by the University of Houston, Baylor University, and Houston Baptist University, all of which we left with multiple outstanding attorney and witness awards! We were able to afford our advancement to ORCS, a Super-Regional competition, after a perfect score of 8-0 at our Regional competition. At ORCS, we had several All-American witnesses and attorneys. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing sponsors!


This coming year, we want to take the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team even further, sending multiple teams to ORCs and even advancing to Nationals. This would mean placing in the Top 48 teams in the nation, which we came extremely close to doing this year. For those goals to be met, however, we face additional travel expenses and would need further sponsorship. We're currently looking to fund our team for five tournaments this coming Fall and set money aside for Regionals, ORCs, and Nationals in the Spring. 


Help us reach this goal by becoming a sponsor for the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team this season!


Below you will find our sponsorship tiers and the various optional benefits that go along with them, including how your contributions make a difference in our organization. It is also worth noting that donations to the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team are tax deductible. For further information about our sponsorship goals, how to become a sponsor for the 23-24 season, or for any questions please feel free to email or contact Colin Peek at (972) 953-5313. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Sponsorship Tiers


With a bronze sponsorship, companies and/or individuals are afforded the opportunity to advertise on Texas A&M Mock Trial’s official website and t-shirt. This advertisement may include a 3-inch logo on team shirts that will be worn throughout the state to competitions and a
sponsorship message on the website.


With a silver sponsorship, companies and/or individuals will receive the benefits of a bronze sponsorship. Additionally, all silver sponsors are invited to come present at a team meeting to talk about what they do, as well as provide any insight they might have for the members of the


With a gold sponsorship, companies and/or individuals will receive the benefits of both the bronze and silver sponsorship in addition to a more active role in the team as a whole. Gold sponsorship allows the sponsor a sneak peek into the operations of Texas A&M’s Mock Trial team, continual updates on progress both at tournaments and on case theories, and a virtual photo album at the end of the year of all the accomplishments the team has been able to achieve with the sponsor’s support.

Donate Now!

We also couldn’t have had such a great 2022-2023 season without the generosity and continued support of our various donors! No contribution is too small, which is why you're able to contribute donations of up to $249 using the link below! 



To donate amounts >$249, separate from becoming a sponsor, please email or contact Colin Peek at (972) 953-5313 to express interest and get more information about that process. Your generosity is what makes all this possible! Gig ‘em!

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