Texas A&M Mock Trial Recruitment

We are glad you are interested in joining Texas A&M’s Mock Trial Team!  With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and how student organizations will be able to operate and recruit on campus this fall, we have decided to open up our application online starting in June to give students plenty of time to apply and prepare for the fall! Don't worry though, we have an easy, four-step process and we'll walk you through the entire thing:

Step 1) Complete our Application

We want to get to know you!  This application is so we can get a glimpse of what you might be like.  The questions and prompts we ask are to understand how you might interact in court given a certain situation or what role you might take when you join our team.  Ultimately, we are striving to find what the best environment and position will be for you on one of our competition teams.  You will need to include three items to have a complete application: The application form, a one-page response to our essay prompts, and a head-shot of yourself (senior photo, vacation photo, or anything you believe might convey your creativity, individuality, or personality). Send those items to tamumocktrial@gmail.com by our deadline of September 4th, at 5PM!

Document with Pen

Step 2) Sign up for an Audition

We believe it is hard to fully know someone by what they put on paper, so we have everyone sign up for an audition as well. We have both new applicants and returning members audition, so you will be on the same playing-field as everyone else. The dress-code for our audition is business casual. Auditions are September 5th, 6th, and 7th. Our auditions will be held at the Four Points Hotel, (1503 Texas Ave S. College Station, TX). Social distancing and masks will be required. If you are high-risk or otherwise do not wish to attend in-person, please sign up for a time and email us requesting an online audition.

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Step 3) Attend your Audition

Interviews can be stressful, so here's a short summary of what your audition will be like to ensure you are not caught off-guard. To start the audition, you will be given a list of topics to choose from and a short time-period to prepare a speech. The topics will usually be in the form of a question, such as: “Should the minimum voting age be increased to 21 years-old?”  Once the preparation period is up, you can speak for up to 2 minutes, taking whatever stance or direction you wish with the topic.  Afterwards, we will question you about your speech and the stance you may have taken, judging if you can defend your position.  The last part of the audition will be in the form of a short interview; we will just ask you general questions to get to know you more. You can view the rubric we will be using to judge your audition below.

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Step 4) Wait for a Response

We work hard to get results back as soon as possible, and we want to make sure everyone has a fair shot.  Texas A&M Mock Trial is expected to get around 100 applicants with our team only accepting 30 members, meaning we have to cut two-thirds of applicants. You should expect an acceptance or rejection letter with our decision within 5 days of your audition.